The Complete Story of Blowfish FRANK JOSEPH VISCONI

What a man will do to cover up his lies…..!

visconi-boy scout

“The Blowfish”

Visconi's Brown Star Award

An award appropriate for Mr. Visconi for his distinguished and vast accomplishments

First appearing in the fall of 2009 on Marines Together We Served, (a website for active duty and Marine Vets with a membership in excess of 350,000), Mr. Visconi prepared his profile with a quite impressive “ribbon rack” which included the Bronze Star Medal w/V, Purple Heart,

Presidential Unit Commendation, Combat Action Ribbon, and the other awards that most Vietnam Vets received for their service. He also posted the same ribbon rack on . However, the official records of his service do not contain any evidence that he was ever recommended much less awarded any of those honors. His medical record is devoid of any reference to his ever being wounded. His MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was 3041 Supply Admin Man which ordinarily would not place him on combat operations.

Visconi Cartoon

Mr. Visconi’s Awards including his “Extra” Self awarded medals and ribbons

Mr. Visconi's Dream Rack

Mr. Visconi’s “Dream” Ribbon Rack

S/Sgt E-6 in a four year enlistment???

S/Sgt E-6 in a four year enlistment???

Marksmanship Badge

Marksmanship Badge

The elaborate “Fairy Tale” begins after he was released from active duty in 1968. His enlistment was for 4 years which meant that he would serve 48 months on active duty and the balance of his obligation (six years) would be served as a class lll inactive reservist. According to Visconi he received a letter in the spring of 1969 (some 10 months after his release from active duty) from the Commandant of the Marine Corps advising him of his promotion to Staff Sargent E-6 and directing him to call and make arrangements with the “Detroit Office” to physically receive the promotion. He went to the office as scheduled and a Lt. Colonel presented the promotion warrant to him along with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals, the certificates, and the “Citations”. He returned to his home and placed the items in his seabag and did not relate the event to his future wife until 2006.

Mr.Visconi’s Actual Awards

Mr. Visconi's Officially Authorized Awards

Mr. Visconi’s Officially Authorized Awards

Sgt E-5 Chevrons

Mr. Visconi’s Rank at Discharge
Sergeant E-5

Marksmanship Badge

Marksmanship Badge

After moving several times he ended up in Westland, MI where he stored his seabag in the basement. While out of town the house was flooded and all of the items in his seabag were destroyed and were subsequently thrown away. While visiting his brother in Maryland he found a file containing the citations for the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star which he accredited to his mom which he declared was a “hoarder”. If he threw the seabag and its contents away how did the “citations” end up at his brother’s home?

Now, this despicable individual is the Sr. Vice Commandant of Marine Corps League Chapter #603 – James McCutchen Detachment in Clarksville, TN. He first appeared on Marines Together We Served in the latter part of 2009 representing himself as an Honorably Discharged S/Sgt after serving four years on active duty. As a part of his profile he listed the following awards: the Bronze Star w/V, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Commendation. He also posted phony citations for the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

A number of members questioned his awards and as a result Mr. Visconi elected to terminate his membership to Together We Served. By this time his publicly releasable DD214 was obtained reflecting that he was discharged as a Sgt and none of the awards (listed above were part of his record). The record showed he was an honorably discharged USMC Vietnam Vet but did not reflect any combat experience as his MOS was a Supply man.

War Hero and Attorney

Mr. Visconi, who claims to have received his Juris Doctor Degree after completing four years of law school, began his “mission” to have his records changed to include the above mentioned awards.

Unlicensed Lawyer with a litagation Record of

Frank J Visconi
Litigation Record 0 – 10

He claims to have extensive litigation experience in local, Circuit, and Federal Court systems and his legal services are available to you at a modest hourly rate of $ 22.00. What he doesn’t say is that he lost or withdrew from each and every case and he does not hold a license to practice law. What distinguishes this dimwit from your average blowfish/poser is that he attempted to have his records changed by suing the United States and the Bureau of Corrections of Naval Records (BCNR).

In his numerous cases which were all dismissed, he provided unsigned letters, phony documents, outright lies, and internet spam as proof that he indeed deserved and was presented the BS and PH medals. No Federal Court found any merit in his evidence and all dismissed his cases. The last court to hear his case, Federal District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee dismissed his case with prejudice thereby preventing him from suing the United States again. Mr. Visconi appealed that decision but the 6th Circuit shot him down in a scathing decision. That was the last straw for Plaintiff Visconi unless he appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States.

He also filed 3 different lawsuits alleging Defamation and Invasion of Privacy against the POW Network, Chuck and Mary Schantag, and Samuel Killeffer. All cases were dismissed.

His last case was filed against Samuel Killeffer and during the “discovery phase”  he elected to drop the case. Throughout his legal pursuits he whined that no court would hear his case, but when the case in Hamilton County TN was headed for trial he withdrew his complaint because the evidence proving him a liar and embellisher would ultimately become a matter of record.

This man is a disgrace to himself, his family, the United States Marine Corps, as well as the Marine Corps League. The fact that he is next in line to become Commandant of the James McCutchen #603 Detachment of the MCL is a mark against the entire detachment as well as the Marine Corps League in general.

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