Phony Bronze Star


Phony Bronze Star – Page 1



Phony Bronze Star – Page 2


Real Bronze Star

Real Bronze Star


 Some of the problems with Mr. Visconi’s Bronze Star Citation:

  1. It is a 2 page document rather than a one page certificate; SECNAVINST 1650.1h (Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual – see pages: 2-13, 2-15 and 2-26) specifies exactly how the citation will be prepared.

  2. The citation is limited to 23 lines of text: Mr. Visconi’s phony is 41 lines.
  3. Opening sentence for the Bronze Star Medal should be “For Heroic service in connection with …..”.
  4. The citation is composed in the font ITC Edwardian Script Regular Alternate; this script was created in 1994 but Mr. Visconi says he was presented the following document on May 2, 1969 composed with this script. How would that be possible?
  5. The document was signed by Leonard F. Chapman, 24th Commandant of the Marine Corps; would the Commandant sign a document not in compliance with the Marine Corps Awards Manual?
  6. Also notice at the bottom left of each page there is a form designation that Visconi dreamed up. On the first page it reads “NAVMC 66-BS” which would indicate that this form was only for a Bronze Star. In his haste Mr. Visconi used as his second page the form “NAVMC 66-PH” which following Mr. Visconi’s scheme one would think was for the Purple Heart.
  7. According to the “Citation” the award was presented for Mr. Visconi’s assuming control of a door gunners position after the door gunner was “mortally wounded”. If that were true the proper award would have been the “Air Medal” and not the Bronze Star because the BS is not awarded for operations involving “aerial flight” (see page 2-26, 8(b) 1).

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