Visconi provides New and Different Award Certificates Including the BS w/V and the Purple Heart

In an email from Visconi he relates the following and then attaches two png documents depicting the newly discovered documents. Png is a file extension used by Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I would have to say that Visconi seems to have “polished” his skills somewhat in that these phony documents look much more authenic than the ones he provided as proof in his many lawsuits. I converted the files to jpg so you can view them below:

From: Frank Visconi []
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 6:37 PM
To: Sam Killeffer;

Oh, and look what else I found (attached).

And my former NCOIC just received his entire service records (700 plus pages) and guess what, he was awarded (in 1969) the CAR and the PUC for “actions against enemy while attached to FLSU#1 during the period May – September 1965…..same unit I was in where I was right beside him. He was fortunate to still be in the Corps when the CAR was authorized so his CO put him in for it for the above period. Based on that, he has sent in a recommendation for me for the CAR and the PUC for serving in the same actions during the same period.

These should just about round out my awards that you vehemently deny I deserve. I also expect that the BSM and PH will be on my record in due time. THEN, my vicious, arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic enemy #1, I am going to take you down like the fricking animal that you are.

If you dbl click on the images they will appear larger.

Latest Versions of Visconi’s Purple Heart Certificate and Bronze Star Certificate

PH Certificate

BSM Certificate

64 Responses to Visconi provides New and Different Award Certificates Including the BS w/V and the Purple Heart

  1. Frank Visconi says:

    You wouldn’t know a real from a phony document if it bit you in the face you miscreant asshole. I had a call from a friend the other day who looked you up and told me the SECOND he saw your picture he knew right off the bat just by the look on your face that you are an asshole. Got that one right. And your friend Lilyea accused the certificates to be phony because “the president doesn’t sign certificates” Well NO SHIT. He didn’t personally sign them. These certificates are already produced with the current president’s name on them and they are already imprinted with his signature… the President has the time to sign ALL certificates. You two guys can’t get any dumber. Take a look at any PH or BSM certificate that any of your “friends” might have and see whose signature (stamped/imprinted) is on them. Don’t forget, citations even begin with “The President of the United States takes pleasure in……..”. The President you idiot. I knew when I sent these to you (just to jerk your chain by the way) you would call them phony just like my Discharge is phony and made up by myself. Your idiot friends have even explained how easy it is to make phony documents. Only thing that shows me is that since they know how, they must have produced some of their own since I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to do it. Go back in your hole like the mole that you are. YOU, not me, are a disgrace to the USMC and to manhood itself. Your “tournament” means nothing to me and for that matter, to no one who really matters, only the miscreants on TAH like you. The legal department of the USMC, a Senator, a Congressman, and the House Committee on Armed Services all now have a copy of your tournament roster. I have let them all know how you idiots play games with the lives of honorable veterans. You and Lilyea and the rest of your army of terrorists, have a very, very UN-MERRY Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of Christ and you and your fellow jerks have no inkling of Christ in you. You are the devil incarnate and you WILL rot in hell, that is pretty much guaranteed. Someday, someone is going to wipe that stupid looking smirk right off your UGLY face. You are a typical LIBERAL. Smirk and smile while someone is attempting to talk sensibly to you. This IS all going to come out in the wash and even when it does, I certainly expect you will declare everything phony like you declared the letter directly from the Major as HQ USMC confirming my rank. No one with any honor or dignity or even any common sense believes anything you have to say except for all the idiots you have banned together with. Losers who have nothing to do with your useless lives. Just remember this ass wipe…YOU ARE NOT A MARINE! And least of all a SCOUT. That tale about you is as phony as you accuse me of being. You WROTE articles for the SCOUT newspaper. Probably never even held a rifle. Pretty hard to do when you are swimming on the swim team and juicing up your own records and DD-214 while you were an Admin Clerk. You are a useless piece of shit. Now, like I said earlier, go crawl back in your dark hole and hide like the chicken-shit bloat bag that you are. From a REAL MARINE!

  2. Frank > “You wouldn’t know a real from a phony document …..”

    Response > Well, Frankenpoop, we have a real problem here. The first renditions of your BS w/V and your PH citations were presented on behalf of the Commandant of the Marine Corps and now you produce two entirely different documents purporting to be your BS w/V and your PH that were presented by the President of the US (POTUS). What is your explanation or story as to how these new documents came into your possession?

    Point two, you are not an honorable veteran. You disqualified yourself as an honorable vet when you created your phony documents and “rocked the lie” that you were awarded them.

    Nothings going to come out of this but more of your dirty laundry. You are not a Staff Sergeant nor were you awarded 2 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star w/V, Presidential Unit Commendation and the Combat Action Ribbon. You are a pitiful man trying to claim hero status but you didn’t fool anyone; the courts, BCNR, USMC, USN, TWS and TAH.

    Don’t know what tale about me you were referring to. Enlighten me by relating the “tale”.

    In summary Frankie you are a pitiful little man with a squeeky voice who is a confirmed “Valor Thief” . You served honorably but you voided your service with your lies; you’ve created a history that your decendents will laugh about. You are the “Black Sheep” in the family tree.

    Don’t have any idea where you got the idea that I worked for “The Scout” which was the Camp Pendleton newspaper.

    Weenie, I can hold my head up proudly because my service record is what it is and not a “Walter Middy” accounting like yours is.

    I do not know how you can look anyone in the eye when everyone knows you are a liar and a disgrace.

    Congrats on your successfully falling down the shit chute with 3 other turds to arrive at the “Fecal Four” in the 2014 Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Award. You are very deserving of this honor and and it distinguishes you from the other 150 or so turds that didn’t make it to the “FECAL FOUR”.

    Good Job Frankie!

  3. Frank Visconi says:

    Take your “fecal four” and shove it. It means nothing to me nor does it mean anything to anyone else. No one reads your and TAH’s bullshit anyway except for the other assholes like you. The certificates are DUPLICATES you dumb ass. Mine were lost in my phony basement damage (the newspaper picture which you totally ignored), along with my original SSGT promotion warrant which again you totally ignored and even ignored the letter from the Major at USMC HQ. You are a pitiful man. I won’t be an asshole like you and call you names like pitiful little man or sammiepoop! You are a gutless, coward and I am so very happy for anyone that did serve with you because if you did get into a firefight (which you never did), I expect you would have turned and ran the other way. I know that I only spark your fire when I respond but I can’t help myself. YOU ARE SO FRICKING STUPID I can’t believe it. I also wrote a letter to the Major who confirmed my promotion and told him you called him a liar. One day all of this will backfire on you . People like you only get the shit end of the stick. You and your TAH pals are going down. There are masses of us out here now who are taking it one step at a time. Your time is coming. Don’t bother replying you dipshit. Your rhetoric is not worth my reading time. And like I said, take a look at my blog right under yours on GOOGLE. It refutes everything you say because that’s what you and your friends do, distort everything to make it sound your way. Obviously you could not tell an actual certificate from a duplicate because you can’t tell and actual discharge from one you call fake. Don’t like looking at your discharge eh! Why, because it only says Corporal on it. Even if you had stayed in four year, you probably wouldn’t have made Sergeant ever. Oh well, maybe you would since you had all your friends in admin fix your DD-214 to make it look like you were a SCOUT when we all know you wrote articles for the Pendleton SCOUT you phony piece of cow dung.

  4. Frank Visconi says:

    Looks like you pieces of shit are getting all kinds of attention. Just what you want….

    Army thanks Soldier for confronting unethical behavior online

    December 19, 2014

    By Claudette Roulo, DOD News

    Hagel thanks Soldier for confronting unethical behavior online
    Lt. Gen. James C. McConville, the Army’s deputy chief of staff for personnel, presents 1st Sgt. Katrina Moerk with the citation for her Army Commendation Medal, at the Pentagon, Dec. 15, 2014. Moerk received the medal for her efforts to address unprofessional online behavior by Service members.

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    Learn what L.D.R.S.H.I.P. stands for Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention and Response Program News
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    More Army News
    STAND-TO!: Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention Professional Development
    Center for the Army Profession and Ethic
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    U.S. Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention and Response Program
    STAND-TO!: Enhanced Investigation, Prosecution and Legal Support
    In OER, NCOER Soldiers now evaluated on commitment to ending sexual harassment
    Sexual assault victims now entitled to their own lawyer
    Army’s special victims prosecutors bring enhanced expertise to courtroom

    WASHINGTON (Dec. 19, 2014) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and senior Army officials met with a senior non-commissioned officer Monday, to thank her for leading by example and defending Army values, despite facing harassment after confronting Service members who were behaving unethically online.

    First Sgt. Katrina Moerk, now the first sergeant of Charlie Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, was browsing a social media network’s community page earlier this year, when she came upon a video that she found offensive and sexist. When she commented as much, several respondents attacked her with insults. Some of these respondents were wearing uniforms in their profile photos, the first sergeant said, so she wrote to them directly.

    “I looked them up, introduced myself and explained to them why they were stupid. And I [copied] the director of the Army SHARP program to help their units improve their SHARP training, because it was obviously lacking. And it’s kind of blown up from there,” Moerk said.

    SHARP is the acronym for the military’s Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention program.


    This wasn’t the first time Moerk had experienced online harassment, she said, but it was “the first time I’ve put my foot down, and was very adamant about correcting what was wrong with them.”

    The response was “vicious,” she said.

    “I tried to explain why I didn’t care for it,” she added, “and [said], ‘If you don’t know who you’re talking to, be careful what you say in an open public forum on the Internet,’ and it just made it worse. When I started calling them by rank, they figured I was in the military and made jokes about calling people out on the Internet, or [that] pulling rank on the Internet is like calling somebody out in a bar.”

    Things died down online, she said, but Dr. Christine Altendorf, the SHARP director, brought Moerk’s email to the attention of Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, then the Army’s deputy chief of staff for personnel. Shortly thereafter, the Army launched three administrative investigations, because Soldiers from three separate major commands were involved, either through producing the video or making inappropriate comments.

    “Everyone was kind of pulled to the carpet and called in, and training changed,” the first sergeant said.

    For her willingness to stand up and defend Army values, Moerk received an Army Commendation Medal from Lt. Gen. James C. McConville, who succeeded Bromberg as the Army’s personnel chief, during a ceremony Monday, at the Pentagon.


    “What she did is the epitome of being an NCO and a Soldier, and of course a leader,” said Command Sgt. Maj Leslie Hudson, the 741st Military Intelligence Battalion senior enlisted adviser. “I think that Soldiers out there can learn from the example that she set, and I think that she has set the standard for what leaders are expected to do.”

    Though she’s probably not the first person to call people out on the Internet for being unprofessional and behaving contrary to Army values, Moerk said, in many troops’ minds there’s no connection between their professional and private lives.

    This needs to change, she said.

    If the Army is going to really effect change and eliminate these kinds of problems, its organizational culture has to change, said Army Capt. John Larue, Charlie Company commander. “And we need this kind of leadership — people stepping up to do that — because, ultimately, if you’re in the military, you’re always representing the service, no matter where you are.”

    Troops who are amazing while on deployment or mentoring troops in garrison are not good Soldiers if their private lives demonstrate a lack of character or integrity, Moerk said.

    Case Study in Professionalism

    “Trust is the foundation for everything we do as military professionals, and we expect our Service members to conduct themselves with integrity and character,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Defense Department spokesman. “We have a commitment to uphold the dignity and respect of our Service members and provide a safe environment in which every Service member and DOD civilian is free from the threat of sexual harassment.

    “It is important that an uncompromising culture of accountability exists at every level of command,” he continued, “and that we confront any inappropriate, unprofessional or unethical behavior head-on.”

    To help shift the culture, Moerk agreed to speak on camera with a representative from the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, to serve as a case study for other members of the Army profession.

    “You can accept the way things have always been, or you can make things right, the way you know they should be,” Moerk explained.

    In her CAPE video, Moerk noted that the Army is putting considerable effort into helping people who have been victimized by unprofessional behavior. “Units are doing right by victims — they’re helping them,” she said. “They’re getting them the support that’s needed. We’re not putting them in a dark corner, in a dark closet.”

    Moerk said she’s not one to go along with the “‘Well, this is the way we’ve always done it’ philosophy. So that’s the way I teach my Soldiers, and that’s the way I’m taught [by] my sergeants-major mentors. That’s the way I’m helping my commander, and he’s helping me.”

  5. Frank Visconi says:

    My letter to the VA and the Sec. of Defense in addition to the above is going in the mail tomorrow and I suspect it should at least garner some interest in an investigation into you bastards. You bunch of sorry shits are in for a rude awakening. No more hiding behind the first amendment. I also see a Class Action suit coming. You better run while you can. I am going to enjoy the hell out of this.

    • Feces Breath,

      A letter from you to any government agency should garner a lot of laughs. After all you are a notorious valor thief; everyone at BCNR, MC Awards Branch, Department of the Navy, US District Court and the US Appeals Court should be quite familiar with your fairy tales, your phony documents, and your multitude of lies associated with your story as to how you earned and received your phony awards.

      Class Action Law Suit! are you kidding Frankie? You and your alliance with other “Top Turds” in the 2014 Stolen Valor Award Competition will
      accomplish nothing more than bring more attention to you as the 3rd turd in the Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Award competition.

      Face it Frances, the stench of feces permeates any location where you reside; you are a “SHITBIRD” and you have proven that to all.

  6. Frank Visconi says:

    Little by little you freako’s are becoming the talk of the town….no the nation. Someone is coming after you, all of you, and now you coward Killeffer are also on the list. PUNK!

    Airborne….! Jonn Jonn Victor “the sissy” Lilyea,

    This is ….. the very real deal decorated for valor in combat …. LoNg RaNgE PaTrOL 41 over //

    You remember me, right..? When do I get that apology you promised me, punkster. //

    Meanwhile, you and your “Band of Bastards” have been taking some incredible hits since your cyber/victims have fired back at you weenies.

    Google yourselves… How funny is that. Ha.. ha… ha… ha… ! You have been soiled by your own means.. Yuck, yuck, yuck.. See how shit works in the real world.

    What a great ending to this year, huh Goobers..?

    Looks like your band of bastards are the targets of the Department of Defense and real deal combat wounded Vietnam War Veteran Secretary Hagel too. You know who turned your asses into the Pentagon, right..? Say it.. You can’t, can you…. Your cyber/victims are on a first name basis at the Pentagon now.. More to come.

    To ring in your new year..?

    Let’s all sing “com bi yah” as we read the 2015 versions of and direct links to the Pentagon Investigations. Top echelons got most all their “current data” from and gave the 1st Sergeant “outer” a medal. Really. Who would have thunck..

    Now, your cyber/victims are moving “IT Off-Shore”. You all know what that means, in the real cyber/world, right..

  7. says:

    Well tick turd,

    In your last post: Let’s all sing “com bi yah” ….. none of those links work?

    What’s up with that??

    You are really not all there are you Frankie? DO YOU THINK SEC HAGEL WILL APPROVE YOUR PHONY MEDALS…………………NOT!

  8. Aaron Spalding says:

    So I’m gonna be down near Dover,TN this month. Do you know if TAH or anyone made any of those nice “Wanted for Stolen Valor ” posters for ole Frankie here? I’d love to hang up a few around town. Also, here is to hoping he wins the tournament, maybe I can call the local press during my visit for a presentation ceremony.

    • says:

      That would be outstanding if you could post a few posters on utility poles and other places where the soldiers from Fort Cambell frequent. Visconi has stated in the past that he likes to talk with Army Vets and relate his combat history from Vietnam. I’ll see if I can find who makes those posters and see if they will make one for Visconi. If that works out I’ll email you a copy of it.

  9. Frank Visconi says:

    While you are down here Spalding, stop by and say hey! Meanwhile, the government has an investigation ongoing about your TAH tribe. Can’t wait to see the results of this. Also, don’t waste your time. Dover is a small town and everyone knows me and knows all about this whole story including the miscreant sicko that Killeffer is. All you will do by putting up posts is setting yourself up for a run in with the law, and I will do it, AND on top of that, a real, royal ASSKICKING!

    • Aaron,

      If you could see the little sawed-off, hammered down, squeeky voiced valor thief in person you would have to laugh. He’s been threatening me for the better part of 5 years now and had at least 5 opportunities up front and close with me and he’s not threatened me in any way other than by postings or email.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        “Sawed-off, hammered down, squeaky voiced….! Apparently your eyes are as bad as your judgment. For very near 69 years old, I am in great shape and I make your shapeless body look like a shipwreck. AND, besides that, you are not one single inch taller than me but certainly have a much bigger belly – shit for brains. I work out constantly and I have excellent stamina and I can tell you this I’ll whip your scrawny ass any day, any time. I took guys a whole lot bigger than your scrawny ass down when I was a police officer which you would never have the balls to do. And I didn’t have other officers around to assist me. When an idiot I ran into on the job, someone like you, deserved and asked for it, I wiped the street with his ass. All you have to go on is your fake record showing you as a grunt when you know as well as I do that you were NOTHING even near a grunt. You were a swimmer and a clerk. At least I admit to being a supply man. But many supply men die in wars. Recall idiot that it is we that take the supplies to the field. You don’t know shit and you should because you are all ASSHOLE…you miserable bag of bones. You are the one that has the squeaky, crying voice with your defamatory tone. One day it will all catch up to you and I hope that along with being made out to be a fool in a public forum, you are also ass whipped to the point you well deserve, and that is SERIOUSLY ASS WHIPPED! It’s coming shit for brains. May not be by me, but it is coming. Now go fuck off you turd and not even reasonable semblance of a real MAN!

        • Frank Visconi says:

          Staff Sergeant Visconi reporting to reprimand Corporal Samuel Killeffer. ” Cpl. Killeffer, you are one slimy piece of shit turd and are a disgrace to the Marine Corps. Now get down an give me ONE push up (that’s all you can do right). Ok Corporal, stand down”.

  10. Frank Visconi says:

    By the way Killeffer, another of your distorted facts. I never said I like to talk to army vets about my experiences. I have a very close friend here who is a retired Army Bird Colonel. We go out to breakfast now and then and we talk about a lot of things, mostly HIS experiences. He has written a book about his experiences and we talk about things like that. Yes, I talk to some soldiers in Ft. Campbell. I greet them, shake their hand and thank them for their service. Unlike you, I am a man of honor and I praise my fellow military men and women. YOU, on the other hand are a royal asshole and they would be able to tell that the second they looked into your eye and it appears your friend in dishonor Spalding is exactly the same.

  11. Frank Visconi says:


  12. Frank Visconi says:

    In case you can’t open it, it says: “Recently a Pentagon investigation lead directly to the platoon size group of social media cyber/suicide bloggers where all were supporting the ILLEGAL activities”.

    “The untold story of Branson, Missouri’s “Wall of Villans” is a feature in America’s Stolen Valor Reich, a.k.a. the tax exempt Fake Warrior Project and composite group….. her (Mary Schantag) Military Veterans, Veteran Villans Wall list of mostly honorably discharged mostly Vietnam War veterans”.

    Your bitch and all of you are on the government watch list. You know the word “DOOMED”.

    • He and his newly formed alliance with other “Top Turds” are trying to create a blog/website to defame those of us that have brought him to the attention of the general public.

      When those to whom he is addressing letters and complaints realize who he is they will just toss the correspondence in the trash.

  13. Frank Visconi says:

    By the way idiot, HAGEL is NOT the Sec. of Defense any longer. Read the news instead of spending all your time screwing with good men (unlike yourself).

  14. Frank Visconi says:

    By the way dumb asses. You just provided me all the evidence I need to prosecute you if you go through with your threat of posting information about me in Dover or elsewhere. It is in writing right on this blog. Man are you STUPID!

  15. Aaron Spalding says:

    What evidence Frank? There is nothing illegal about hanging flyers in public. Your “records” which you so valiantly defend were found as untrue by the correct legal authority. You don’t have a legal leg to stand on. However, should I actually run into any trouble while I’m down there, know that I have proof of premeditation and threats of bodily harm on your part.

    So you know, I have no problem getting my ass kicked. If you get your jollies beating down a crippled vet, then by all means I’ll be more than happy to provide you the place and time I share this info with your neighbors. I’m sure it’ll do wonders to improve your image. Man even give us a leg up in the tourney this year.

    Happy Holidays btw.

  16. Aaron Spalding says:


    is a file from your computer hard drive, Frank. The “C” drive is a default hard drive for any windows operating system. I suggest uploading the .jpg to a free photoshare site like “photobucket” if you would like us to see it.

  17. Frank Visconi says:

    My apologies to you and I mean that. I did not know you are crippled. I salute you for your service. I would never do something like that knowingly. You may believe I am an asshole and a hypocrite and that is fine. Anyone influenced by Killeffer is bound to be that way. That being said, I’m speaking criminal charges of harassment and threats. I have your threat on paper. You have mine except for one thing, I may have threatened to kick your ass but I never have or will. However, should you post defamatory information about me in a public forum, you and your friend are committing defamation. But to hell with the civil tort of defamation. I just doesn’t work. All I have to do is take a few photos of the postings, take a couple down and take them to the police department along with your and Killeffer’s above remarks. I won’t be going civil this time. Waste of time and too much money. But I WILL, if necessary, get a criminal harassment complaint, guaranteed. Misdemeanor – possible 1 year in jail and $1000 fine. I have no beef with you. I have no idea if you are one of the cyber-harassers on This Ain’t Hell. My beef is and always has been with Killefer. He is a snake in the grass. Charge me, I charge you. Makes no difference. I WANT to face Killeffer in court again and this time he will have to come (criminal charges) unlike my civil complaint where he INTENTIONALLY AVOIDED SUMMONS SERVICE at least nine times (3 by the sheriff, and 6 times by two different private servers. Not that you even care about any of this but you need a little background on your friend Killeffer. He is an arrogant, sissy, coward prick. And yes, I would go to jail for a week or two just to break a few bones in his body. I am 69 years old (in June). I don’t claim to be a tough guy but I have been in my share of ass kickings on both sides of the law. I have mine kicked and I’ve kicked a few. I still have a little fight left in me and the rage I have for Killeffer will protect my body from any physical pain. I am going to come after him for the remainder of my life for what he has done to me for no reason whatsoever. I’ve see real POSERS. I look like a boy scout compared to them. He and you both should be going after them. I saw a guy at the Vets Parade in Clarksville a few weeks ago. I was in civilian clothes but had at least 50 medals pinned on his shirt. A Navy Cross with a “V” (no V on a Navy Cross; two Silver Stars each with five small silver stars on them; three Bronze Stars each with five small bronze stars on them and a whole slew of others. Maybe in your eyes I should have said something. I did ask him about his service and of course it was something he couldn’t talk about…he was in Cambodia but I’m not supposed to know that. You think I am a stupid ass embellisher. My only problem is that I am unable to locate the shitbird commanders who left me dangling. They are all gone now but they did not do their job nor did they bother to update my records on a regular basis. Plus my records were mailed back to CONUS (I didn’t carry them with me). If you knew all the evidence, you would at least hesitate and give me some benefit of the doubt. Check out my blog under or near Killeffers on GOOGLE – Frank J. Visconi – Blowfis-bomber REBUTTAL!. These are the documents he chooses to ignore. I finally found a former unit leader that received the CAR the same time as me and he has recently put me in for the CAR and PUC. I may never get the PH and BSM, although they have been authenticated, but the Board for the Correction of Naval records will remember me for a long time to come because I am going to stay on their ass every single chance I get.

    Again, all that aside, go ahead and be a hater. I may respond harshly from time to time to Killeffer and on TAH but I would love to see what you would do if you had been putting up with the likes of Killeffer and the Naval Records Department for TEN fricking years. It’s getting old. I don’t even want the fricking medals. I WANT MY RECORDS MADE WHOLE!. A mans military records are his legacy. I’m a proud, honorable Marine. I don’t believe I can say the same for Mr. Killeffer. He is a sick, arrogant, narcissistic prick and that is a fact and if you knew him well, you would find that out very quickly. He would turn on you in a second if he could get some response out of it. He has no backbone. I have been proud to make the acquaintance of EVERY MARINE I have ever met. I do not consider Killeffer a Marine. He can’t stand up to the code! All I can say is “watch your six”. Again, knowing you are cripple and most likely from the war, my heart cries for you. I’d shake your hand any day. That is if you would reciprocate. I met Killefer in court a couple times and we spoke half way decent to each other but when we were leaving, I reached out my hand to him to shake it and he REFUSED. Now you tell me, is that a man of Honor!
    I will tell you this, I grew up very poor but I pulled myself up and made a good life for my family. I’m not stupid nor am I stupid enough to even attempt to fool the government about such a serious matter. I’m well educated. I’ve worked hard and I’ve built a very good and solid reputation and I am not going to allow the likes of a puke like Killeffer who spent two years in the Corps most of it on the Pendleton swim team, destroy what I’ve worked for all my life. Thank you for reading this and Semper Fi!

    • Frankie poo,

      I wouldn’t shake your hand because you are not an honorable Marine. After all you have referenced me falsely in a number of your court filings and even accused me of being a “Valor Thief”.

      Your records have been “MADE WHOLE” and your phony awards citations and self-awarded medals are not a part of your OMPF. However, you have done much to assure that anyone who googles your name will forever see that you are a Blowfish, Poser, Liar, Embellisher, and Document Fabricator.

      What else can I say?

  18. Frank Visconi says:

    By the way Spalding. If you know anything about the law and the judicial system which I do, you would know that the District Court’s decision FOUND that the BCNR’s decision was not arbitrary or capricious. The Appeals court upheld the District Court’s decision. AT NO TIME did either court address the authentication of my documents. The courts make a single decision on one thing only and all they said was that they believed the BCNR’s decision was not made arbitrarily. Well, I’ve got news for you. Hundreds of pages if you care to see them, that prove otherwise. SO, the BCNR’s decision was and always has been arbitrary. I just sent in several documents yesterday showing how fickle and one sided and arbitrary they are. Look at the history of the John Kerry case where he claimed a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. The people who “supposedly” authorized and signed those awards changed their story at least three times. The right answer is still not known. This case and four others I sent to the BCNR show me one thing, if you are or become a high level official in the government, then they do not fight you or even check your records for that matter. One of the incidents I reminded them of was about an Army Spec 5 who claimed to be wounded but never received a PH until 50 years later when someone wrote in and said he deserved it EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AND IS NOT ON HIS SERVICE RECORD nor has it ever been AND his medical records show NOTHING! All five cases were so ambiguous, even a nuclear physicist couldn’t understand them. But they got their awards because every single one of them became government officials. And as far as format goes, that is a joke. One of the citations was for the Distinguished Service Cross and it was so poorly written and a very incorrect format, it was unbelievable. Another had a citation for the PH (remember there is not supposed to be a citation for the PH) but he got one anyway and all it is, is a typewritten sheet with no military logos on it whatsoever. This is the kind of shit I am up against and fighting with guys like you and Killeffer who intentionally distort the truth, only makes it that much more difficult. We should be helping each other and NOT bullying our brothers. I know, those that served with me know and God knows. That’s all that matters. At least that’s what they say. But at this point, I DO want what I earned on my records just if for nothing else, to shut the mouths of the likes of Killeffer and others on TAH. And you know what, even if I finally receive a revised DD-214-215 with appropriate stamps and logos on it, an asshole like Killeffer will call it fake anyway. He looked at my DISCHARGE while in court and simply laughed at me and told me it was phony and self produced. I even provided him copies of my promotion warrant AND also a letter from a Major as USMC HQ confirming and he refuses to acknowledge them also. As far as my authentications and polygraph exams go, someone made a comment on TAH that I have many friends from my years in law enforcement that probably did that for me. Well, not so. I was in law enforcement in Michigan. The document analyst is from Texas. If found him on the computer. The Polygraph examiner is from Nashville but that is 90 miles away from me and I picked him of the internet from among six or seven possibilities….random selection! They don’t know me at all, have no reason to lie for me or risk their careers and reputations for me. Killeffer will not acknowledge my promotion or my discharge which states I am a Staff Sergeant because of one thing…..he knows that if those documents are proven to be authentic, what credibility is there for his other accusations? NONE, absolutely NONE! You guys just fire without aiming and many times strike you human target in the back. That’s not the way I was raised or trained as a Marine. NO, I was not involved in long term, heavy combat. But I did see my share of it. Enough to make me not to ever want to do it again. I did not ask to run out into the battlefield to carry those wound Marines out. I was ordered to. I am not a hero. I just did what I was told and accomplished all that I wanted to do….COME HOME!

    • Staff Sgt. Freeman says:

      “Look at the history of the John Kerry case where he claimed a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.” is not totally correct.
      Kerry claimed THREE Purple Hearts which was his easy ticket home. All superficial scratches that could have been caused by anything including his own fingernails.
      Your award documents have been posted and they do NOT meet the requirements of MCO 1650 nor SECNAVINST 1650 as pertains to requirements, verbage or documentation.
      Just admit it to yourself and you will sleep better.
      Nobody gives a damn about those medals when it’s time to pay for a cup of coffee anyway. Don’t waste your life on trivial bickering.
      I am no hero, I simply served when my nation needed me as did many of the Marines I knew. You should be satisfied if you did the same. Medals don’t mean much any more for our generation.
      P.S. Any hate mail to ME goes directly to the FBI so don’t think about it.

    • Strangely Frankie, your self created phony documents all say that you “volunteered” and since we all know you created them why would you state to all that you were only following orders?

  19. Frank Visconi says:

    Call all of this bullshit or even say you don’t give a shit. All it is, is the truth whether or not your want to believe it or not. Matters none to me. Believe me, right now, the ONLY thing I want is you guys off my back.

  20. Aaron Spalding says:

    You don’t wear or claim to wear any awards you don’t have the documentation for. While I was recovering at Walter Reed my suitemate was missing both his legs. My friend Eric Hunter (from Fort Campbell) is still there. I bear tattoos for many a friend that came home with a flag draped over them. One thing I WILL NOT stand for is people claiming a purple heart when they don’t rate it. It’s not an award anyone I know ever wanted nor do I think they wouldn’t trade it back in a second for what they lost. Your records state you DO NOT have one. If you did have one you can or a BS you can bet your ads, you’d have had it fixed before you left service or did you not read the DD214 before you signed it. I can give a shot about your promotion or “war stories” you tell, but I will not stand by while another person brags about a PH and has no evidence despite their claims. You claim defamation, but unless you can prove otherwise the military has stated they will not adjust your records to reflect the PH you say you have earned then all I am doing is stating what your records reflect. The truth is never defamation.

    You want guys like me off your back, be proud of what you did, apologize for saying you earned the PH and BS. Don’t bring it up in a public forum again and when you get the BNCR or whomever has the authority to correct your records feel free to throw in our face. I’ll be the first to apologize if that’s the case, but until you can do that keep your claims to yourself.

  21. Aaron Spalding says:

    Also I suggest you look up defamation and libel. If I were to hand out flyers stating that A) You claimed to have a Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal and
    B) Your official military records do not reflect either of the above stated awards

    Then both are technically truths and cannot be considered Libel or Defamation by law.

    Again, you want me off your case send a letter to Lilyea apologizing for claiming a purple heart and Bronze Star Medal WITHOUT having the proper documentation to back up your claims AND keep said claims to yourself until such a time as you drop the issue or have your records corrected by an official party. That enough is to satisfy me. Otherwise, I will swing by Dover when I visit Fort Cambell and we’ll let the legal matters sort themselves.

  22. Aaron Spalding says:

    And don’t think I don’t get where you’re coming from. I suffered a massive TBI as a result of a SVBIED. I lost consciousness for over an hour and I am deaf in my left ear as a result. Although, my medical records claim otherwise I was NEVER awarded a purple heart. Yes, like you , I have paperwork in to rectify this. My Squad Leader in the wounded warrior battalion started it after TBI was ruled a purple heart rating injury in 2012. But until I have an official document adjusting my DD214 I will not claim to have a PH. I will not post PH pics to my social media sites nor will I wear PH related gear. If I never get the award, oh well, at least I have all my limbs intact.

    Take a page from my book and don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.

    I will look at your blog and paperwork again. I do not take actions arbitrarily.

  23. Frank Visconi says:

    Well Spalding, at least you are a FAIR minded man. First, I do not wear or display the BSM or PH, that is just a bunch of bullshit from Killeffer. It’s easy to put a ribbon rack together just by going to Medals of America. The initial rack on my TWS profile did have the AFEM on it but that is because it was on my records and then I was told that the VSM replaced it. The only time the BSM and PH were ever displayed was when I first joined a website called Semper Fi or something like that. That was in 2004 BEFORE I found out they were not on my records. You won’t see any display of those awards anywhere after 2006. WHY do I care, because like I said, I earned them and I want my records to reflect what I did. I have children and soon to be a grandfather. I want them to be proud of me not that they already are no. They are not the only mistakes on my records. I was assigned TAD twice…..not on my record and one of those assignments was to operation Starlite. I spent two days there, August 18-19. I was then sent back to my unit and the remainder of the time the rest were there was in clean up (you know what I mean by clean up – getting rid of the left overs). I am missing the CAR although I earned it. I am missing the PUC although it was awarded to the entire 3rd Marine Division. Yes, there are specific units named, many of them. But had my TAD to 3/3 been recorded, that would have earned me the PUC. I am not a medal monger. I am not a hero. A service man’s record is one of the most important things in his life. I will not let up until the BCNR does something about THEIR mistakes and the laziness of some of the CO’s back in 65. I’ve spoken to several of them and they told me, “Records! Fuck the records. When I found a stack of papers on my desk they went into the shit can were set on fire”. Those are words directly from former Major’s and Light Birds. My former CO is deceased and now my former XO is. From all I’ve learned during my investigation of 10 years, they were both worthless. My main man was my NCOIC, a Corporal. In fact he saved my life on one occasion. He ended up retiring a Major and he was my disciplinarian and leader. He was not awarded the CAR until 1969 and only after his CO asked him why he was not wearing one. His CO checked the records and found our UNIT was engaged with enemy forces for the period of 2 May 1965 through mid September 1965 while we were assigned to guard the perimeter of the Chu Lai Air Strip. PLUS, I went out on enough ground patrols that I can’t even count them on my ten fingers. I also went out on several Search and Destroys. This is ALL TRUE. My records are one of several thousands that were not kept up to date for one reason or another. I’ve also been told that by ranking officers, and I’m assuming you read the part about LT/CAPT Myatt Ramsey, the Co-Pilot of the chopper I rode with in Starlite to recover wounded from the field. The pilot was a Captain at the time (have his name but skips my mind at the moment) was KIA in 1969. Don’t you see any coincidence about the year 1969. It was the year I was promoted (and that is not fake – I have more documents than you can count to prove that). I know it doesn’t happen that often but I was an E-5 with 19 months in grade when I was released in 68 with two years inactive reserves to go. Staff promotions come from USMC HQ. I got lucky, period. EVERYTHING revolves around 1969—promotion, citations (four years late). My former NCOIC now retired Major has just put me in for the CAR and PUC. Sooner or later I will find someone that can back up my 3/3 experience in Starlite (unfortunately the CO of 3/3 was KIA two weeks after the battle (Col. Muir) and my first wound (punji) was treated by a corpsman who very possibly could have been KIA the next afternoon. Who know what happened at that time. We had aid stations. Maybe one doctor but the rest were corpsman. Any serious wounds you were medivaced to Danang or Japan.

    Now lets get to your “wounds”. I have recently spoken with a vet who had the same thing happen. An explosion very close to him did not cause any bleeding wounds but his hearing is pretty much gone. I said to him “obviously you got the PH, right”. He said no. I couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately (and I don’t know what branch you were in) but the USMC-Navy Awards Manual states that the enemy action must have drawn blood. Now, I don’t even begin to compare my wounds with some of the others I witnessed. I watched a Marines jaw be blown off as he was boarding the helicopter I was on. An 8 stitch punji wound is child’s play compared to that. So is a surface wound I received in Starlite but there was blood drawn in both cases. I DON’T make the rules. Do you think for one minute that I don’t feel sorry that I rate the same medal as someone like you or like these young guys coming back with brain injuries and burns and missing limbs. Well, you are wrong. I don’t want medals to show off to anyone. The plain fact is I meet the criteria for the award and I should get it. The policies of the Marine Corps were not written by me, although I could do a much better job since they are so ambiguous no one can understand them.

    Now let’s talk defamation. I have a law degree. I know what defamation is and I also know what the “elements” of a crime or tort are. What Killeffer did to me met all of the elements of the tort of defamation. The fact is that judges do not want to hear defamation cases because they are complicated and their hands are full with much more important cases. That prick poste erroneous information about me all over the internet based on the little bit of info available via the FOIA which is what I have been fighting the BCNR for TEN SOLID YEARS over. Do you think I would have gone on so long and spent so much time and money for something I made up?? I almost lost my wife of 45 years over all of the because I am obsessed with it. My kids hardly talk to me because they are afraid I am going to bring up Killeffer. Not the awards but Killeffer. If what he did to me back in 2009 and still since then is not defamation, I will kiss your ass. Look up the elements of the tort defamation/libel and False Light Invasion of Privacy. He has violated every single element. He intentionally avoided summons service at least 9 times and it was noted by the sheriff’s deputy. He’s an asshole personified. This would not be a big thing at all had he not been an arrogant asshole bastard. Look at my discharge. It’s official and it states I am a SSgt. Look at my certified promotion warrant. He has never seen a staff promotion because they come directly from CMC and not your unit commander. He know nothing about me and I never even knew who he was until he made such a nuisance of himself. Now about the posters. No defamation, but definitely harassment and I already have all of the information I need. You cannot make public any information that defames another, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE (look up defamation). That the information being spread is FALSE is the most difficult of the elements to prove BUT with enough circumstantial evidence plus the fact that all the other elements are in fact true, then defamation can be proven. But, like I said, even full fledged lawyers won’t take defamation cases (I’ve tried), because it takes too much time and effort. All they want to do is accidents, unpaid credit card bills and divorces and the like because it is EASY MONEY. A lawyer can make $5000-$10,000 a week just doing accidents and divorces. Why would he do anything else. On the other hand, criminal harassment is in the TN codes and what you and Killeffer suggested you might do, violates that code. You and he both wrote down your intentions and all I need is to take a photo of one of the posters on a pole and I have a case and this time I will pay a lawyer. I don’t want to see you get mixed up in something like this even if it turns out that I lose the case because it is still going to cost you money, I guarantee it. Do yourself a favor and distance yourself from that asshole. He is a loser and everyone that knows him knows that. He has done this to other innocent vets. He is a worthless prick and he is less of a man than anyone I’ve ever put behind bars in my entire 30 plus years of law enforcement. I laughed when I slammed the cell doors shut on guys like him, and I have beat a few of them up too. You could do that in the 60’s and 70’s. He needs that arrogant smirk knocked right off his face.

    I don’t know you, I don’t have a beef with you, but look at some of the shit those guys on TAH put out. And they call themselves honorable men. The dig into your family life, they threaten you. During my battle with Killeffer, I received threatening calls and on one occasion I found a letter on my front doorstep stating: “Steal Valor – Get Hurt”. It was put together with letters cut out of a magazine. This WILL be resolved and I don’t want any apologies from anyone although there are a few I would like to walk up to and spit in their face, Killeffer being one of them and Scott Hughes. But I am an honest, honorable man and a Christian man. I admit that it is very difficult for me to turn the other cheek and just ignore shit like this. It is very difficult to see this kind of crap about yourself on a world-wide website (GOOGLE) and to hear the filth that spews out of their mouths about you. In fact, I mentioned my involvement with the TOYOTA runaway vehicle problem and they even called that a lie. I have pictures and I just got $7500 from the Class Action suit which was settled for $1.5 Billion (with a “B”). That paid the difference between the cost of my new truck and what the insurance gave me. Just GOOGLE – Toyota Acceleration WSMV TV, Nashville and you will see my truck and my interview. But the guys on TAH will lash out at you about anything. Do you as an honorable vet call that being a man? Not me. I hate the things I have had to say to my fellow vets. I hate feeling this way. But ten long years is about as much as one can take. I don’t have a Shadow Box. I don’t display awards except for when I do funerals and color guard ceremonies for the Marine Corps League. I will tell you this. I do no wear the BSM or the PH. But I DO wear the CAR and PUC. No one will take that off my uniform without a fight. I respect the fact that they are not yet on my DD-214/215, but I’m here to tell you I shit my pants several times while under fire and I meet the criteria for the CAR and the PUC both and I’d like to see Killeffer come and attempt to take that off my uniform. He will walk away with two broken arms, I promise. Remember, the CAR was not even authorized until 1969. I was already out of the Marines and I had no CO to recommend me for it. Maybe I will finally get some justice as far as the CAR and PUC are concerned. I have convinced myself that I will likely never get the BSM and PH that I earned and deserve. It’s fifty years late and there is no one around. My former NCOIC was gone on emergency leave when I was wounded and when I was TAD to Starlite and he is the only live body I can locate to verify but he was not there, so I am S.O.L I guess.

    I believe you are a good man Spalding. You at least listen and even admit that you would apologize if/when this all came out to be true. But I WILL NOT, most definitely NOT apologize to the TAH, the TWS or Killeffer or you or anyone else for something I am not guilty of. You can take that to your grave with you….I certainly am going to! Have a Happy New Year. P.S. If you do come to Clarksville, and if you are unlike Killeffer who isn’t man enough to talk to me face to face, give me a buzz and we can sit down and talk in person. I know you will feel differently about me when we’ve finished. Semper Fi!

    • Sparkle Pony,

      You don’t wear your BS w/V or your 1-2 PH but you do wear the Presidential Unit Commendation, the Combat Action Ribbon, and of course the pistol marksmanship medal which are not a part of your official OMPF. I have a number of pictures that show you in uniform wearing those unearned awards.

      Now, Let’s talk Defamation! Frankie in our last contest where you sued me for Defamation/False Light Invasion of Privacy you decided to withdraw your suit because I told you that through discovery your entire OMPF (Official Military Personnel File) would become a part of the court record. And as you know the letter you wrote to USMC Awards Branch in 2006 stating that you didn’t know what happened about your recomendations for BS an PH that you never received them. Then in 2008 you write the Department of the Navy and include copies of your phony self-created documents but don’t explain how they came into your possession. Meanwhile, you have explained to anyone who would listen that the awards were presented to you in 1969

      As far as your Legal Prowess goes you are a complete failure. Having filed 10 or so cases all of which have resulted in dismissal, withdrawal, or failure to appear on your part.

      You have no understanding of what it takes to prove Defamation. I would welcome you to once again bring suit against me for defamation. Let’s take it to trial and see what happens.

  24. Frank Visconi says:

    This is to Spalding. Three things:

    The citations that I had authenticated have ORIGINAL signatures on them. They are not stamped or copied. The citations were signed by Commandant Chapman and then sent to Detroit where the “issuer”, Lt. Col. Polidori signed them right in front of me. So both signatures are original and have been authenticated.

    There was another individual on Marines Together We Served website that buddied up with Killeffer and treated me even worse. But I sent him an e-mail that finally got through to him and for some reason he decided to take a chance and listen. He did a very thorough background on me and I also gave him written permission to review my records (other than those obtained via FOIA). At the end, he knew more about me than I did. He verified that I was in Starlite and to this very day, he is an avid supporter of mine. You may hear differently from Killeffer, but that is the truth. AND this gentleman is a MUCH BETTER REAL MAN than Killeffer is or ever was or ever will be.

    Finally, I don’t know if you want to continue to communicate with me or not. Makes no difference. BUT, I will not continue talking with anyone via Killeffer’s fake, chicken shit blog. He is all those things I said he is and he will only twist things around to make everything seem worse than it is. I despise him more than anyone. He is the single person that has inflamed this entire beating down of me. So, if you feel the urge or necessity to communicate with me, Mr. ass-wipe Killeffer has given my e-mail address to everyone on earth. You can do it that way. I may be fantasizing about you even wanting to listen but then again, no real problem for me. Just thought you might turn out like the other real MAN and want to know the REAL TRUTH!! If you do it via Killeffer’s blog, I can guarantee and you give even a HINT of “there is a possibility”, he will turn on you like a rattle snake hiding in the bush. Guaranteed. And Killeffer, if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, go pound sand you poor excuse of a man.

    • Well Frankie,

      So not only do you come up with new citations at the 11th hour before the
      “FECAL FOUR” competition, but now you say the first set of phony documents were signed by Polidori in your presence. THAT IS IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH YOUR PREVIOUS STORY THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW THE NAME OF THE OFFICER THAT AWARDED YOU THE PHONY DOCUMENTS. WHAT A LIE !

      Mr. Visconi’s document examiner who he says verified his documents is a phony and was thrown out of federal court in TX as an “EXPERT WITNESS”.

      VISCONI….. you are a liar, valor thief, and disgrace to your family, friends, Marine Corps League, and the MARINE CORPS.

      Prosecute me or sue me for defamation if you will………… I welcome the opportunity to expose you for the liar that you are.

    • Frances,

      I told you when all of this began in 2009 that I would see to it that you got all of the recognition that you desired. I think its fair to say that I’ve accomplished my goal; simply google your name and it will bring up a multitude of documents, pictures, and stories of you.

      You are certainly famous now!

  25. Frank Visconi says:

    No more defamation suits for you Killeffer. Wouldn’t waste my time. Don’t you even realize that NO ONE listens to you or even reads your crap unless they are one of your useless friends just like you. You can’t possibly remember everything I said in my complaints just as much as I can’t. I told you they were Duplicates you shit bird. If anyone is a disgrace to anything it is YOU and you are a disgrace to MANHOOD and MANKIND in general. Go screw yourself to death with Mary Schantag. You two belong together. I don’t know where you come up with this shit. Polidori was the CO of my reserve command. I said I did not know who he was until OBVIOUSLY he signed my documents. You are the dumbest prick alive. I hope I’m lucky enough to be alive when you’re gone. I will volunteer to carry your casket. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Twist and turn everything around as usual. You don’t even realize it but your supposed “friends” are shrinking by the hour because they see what an asshole you are. One more invitation KILLER (ooooo, I’m scared). Come on out ANYWHERE and face me man to man. You don’t have the balls because you are a sissy and quite probably a girl. Little girlyman. FECAL FOUR. Wow! I bet the entire world is going to read that. You are not on of the fecal four. You are just plain fecal matter, to you that means SHIT! Drop dead!

  26. Frank Visconi says:

    A document analyzer with 33 years experience whose “testimony” (not him personally you dumbest asshole in the entire world) is thrown out of court. Wow, that’s really a biggie. I wonder how many expert testimonies are thrown out of court. Is that all you have you squeaky excuse for a human being. Once again, TWIST the facts to fit you sicko mind. The ONLY people that don’t KNOW you are a fake asshole are those that are just like you. Obviously you know NOTHING about the law or the court system. No matter what your background asshole, every single time you go into court as an expert witness, you have to be questioned about your expertise and background. If the Defense attorney objects to your responses, he asks the judge to disregard you as an expert. That’s what your defense attorney would do if he know that an expert witnesses testimony was going to blow you out of the water, which would very surely happen. Quit relying on GOOGLE for your LIFE. I’d say, one time out of who knows how many thousand testimonies is pretty damn good but then again what would you know. Go find a tiny smidgeon of negative information and make it into a front page story. You are such an asshole I can’t believe you are even allow to exist on this planet. Take the next rocket to the moon and please do us all a favor and stay there. Just seeing words on paper from you makes me want to guffaw!! Look that one up asshole!

  27. Frank Visconi says:

    Tell you what asshole of the century. File a case against me and I will bring him in as an expert witness and let’s see if he is accepted as an expert witness or not. Go ahead. Make my day! NO, my decade! You ball-ll sack of camel dung.

  28. Frank Visconi says:

    Ooops! I mean “ball-less”!

  29. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey, anyone reading this blog authored by Samuel H. Killeffer of 9227 Rocky Point Road, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, please know that the words and antics composed by Mr. Killeffer are from a nit-wit with an IQ of about 40. He is also a back stabber so watch your back if you happen to befriend him.

  30. Frank Visconi says:

    Killeffer, you are so stupid. Remember, you are the one that went into court THINKING you were the defendant and you were the complainant and the judge had to snicker at your argument. Bet that pissed you off. How fricking dumb can one person get. Expert Witness testimony is frequently not accepted by judges. Your words: “Mr. Visconi’s document examiner who he says verified his documents is a phony and was thrown out of federal court in TX as an “EXPERT WITNESS”. Expert witnesses don’t get thrown out of court. Their testimony may not be accepted by the court but they don’t “throw” a witness, any kind of witness, out of court. Nimwit! You open your mouth and nothing but lies and shit come out. Just shut the “F” up and go play with yourself. You have NO foundation for your accusations and lies other than your DISTORTED version of my documents and my court cases. Any chicken shit can do that, distort words and phrases to fit their own beliefs. What mental institution did you escape from anyway? ANYONE, that is ANYWONE with any real military experience can decipher a REAL Discharge and Promotion Document. Apparently they didn’t show you what one looked like in your swimming class at Pendleton. My guess is you don’t even have one or if you do it says: DRAFTEE on it. How shameful! Can’t understand why the Marine Corps would draft someone like you! All I would have had to do is take one look at you and I’d have sent you running to the French Army where you’d be the pile of shit you are and you’d have a sore butt from all the “poking” around in it.

  31. Frank Visconi says:

    How about that SAMMIE!!! You circus freak!

    • I might be a “Circus Freak” but I’m definately not a sawed-off, hammered down, squeeky voiced valor thief…………….. you are Frankie.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        What you ARE is a sneaky, slimy shit bag turd and a menace to society. Do us all a favor and step off a curb in front of a bus. Then the street cleaners can don their face masks while they clean up the stink.

  32. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey SAMMIE. Have you seen the new FECAL FOUR list:

    Mary Schantag, Samuel H. Killeffer, Scotty Hughes, John Lilyea.

    What a winning combination. Lower than whale shit!

  33. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey again Sammie KILLEFUCK. I tell you what I will do just to satisfy you since you don’t believe anything. I am going to go around the entire world and pay to have every document analyst examine my documents until I finally find one that says my documents are fake so you will finally be satisfied. How about that. Hell, that probably wouldn’t even satisfy you, you arrogant bastard.

    I asked you buddies at BCNR to give me a polygraph and asked them to have my documents analyzed and they refused. No balls. Just like you.

    Might as well shut your mouth about me because I have told EVERYONE I could possibly contact by phone, mail, e-mail and any other communication all about you and what a sicko you are. I actually think your “friends” on TAH and all your other shit blogs are beginning to wish you went away. They probably feel you are ruining their favorite pastime. You, you, you…..I can’t even think of a raunchy enough name to call you.

  34. Frank Visconi says:

    oooo~ coming at you from all sides now hah Killefuck. Check out Google and TAH. The rest of the victims are coming after the KILLER. You are so stupid you actually believe that I am the only veteran going through this with an idiot like you. WE number in the thousands and one day soon, one of us will break through. Then guess what. The door will open to shut all of you down AND put you out of business, AND very likely cost you a great deal of money, AND possible some jail time too. You are a dreamer like a thief who believes that he can steal all the time and any time he wants and never get caught. All assholes get caught sooner or later. You’ve got to be dumber than I even thought if you believe otherwise. The WRATH is coming my asshole nemesis. I can’t wait to see the hammer drop on your thick, empty skull. There are thousands of us and we are ALL coming after you and the other three of you FECAL FOUR, especially your dipshit leaders Mary Schantag and John Lilyea, and why not Hughes too. Better go hide somewhere like the coward you are. ooorah!

  35. Frank Visconi says:

    Where are you asshole? Just so you know, every single response you send me id copied and sent to an investigator at DOJ who is now looking into TAH website, Lilyea, Scott Hughes, Mark Seavey the SEALS Terrorist! If you think I am kidding, think again. They opened an investigation after the verbal assault on that female active duty soldier who went directly to her commanding officer. Should have stayed with retirees or inactive vets. Now you’ve opened the gates of hell. That is where you are going to burn, burn, burn for eternity. This world has enough pukes like you. We need to LOSE a few of them you degenerate!

    • Do you think for one minute that the DOJ would waste any time on behalf of your statements? You…………? Frankie are a known and proven liar, fabricator, blowfish, poser, and valor thief.

      You are living in a dream world where you are the hero, but your status in the real world is as stated above.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        What the DOJ thinks means nothing to me. They just make decisions on how well a brief is written. Now the DoD, that is another issue altogether. The DoD, the Naval Records Department and all the other records departments have lost, misplaced, or even never kept millions of records on who knows how many veterans. I have bee working diligently and I have a stack of at least two hundred stories and versions of veterans who have gotten awards they were not entitled to and they admit so, and just as many that never got the recognition they deserved and their stories are backed up by officials who admittedly made the mistakes. I am but one of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands caught up in the quagmire of government. You simply do not have an open mind and you are just plain arrogant and full of shit. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!! No one gives a shit about what you think. It took me a long time to figure that out. The ONLY people that read you tripe are those that are just like you…..arrogant, miscreant, CHILDREN who have never grown up. I was on patrols and search and destroys and getting shot at while you were still sitting in high school playing yourself when a cheerleader passed by. Grow up and maybe some day you might even find a friend some place.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        Not THOUSANDS……MILLIIONS! Remember, those that served over war time history number in the multi-millions. Did you even graduate from high school or did the Marine Corps draft you directly into the Camp Pendleton swim team?

        The DOJ is investigating on behalf of a whole lot more victims of your type of tripe than me…count on it! The likes of you and Lilyea and all your other scumbag friends will be the ones that get all the attention….NEGATIVE attention.

        • Frankie,

          You are living in a dream world. The DOJ is not investigating any of us “Poser Exposers”; why would they for we’ve done nothing wrong?

          Exposing posers/embellishers on the internet is really the only way we can right a wrong. You probably won’t wear you USMC dress blues with all of your unearned awards anymore. As a matter of fact you probably won’t be doing any more funeral details either.

          I guess I should go ahead and relate to your MCL comrades you newest award…. 3rd place in the “FECAL FOUR”. On TAH many questions were asked of you and much advice was given as to how you could prove that you were promoted as well as a recipient of the BS and PHs.

          You didn’t follow their advice because you knew it wouldn’t work.

          Let’s face it Frankie you are just one of hundreds if not thousands of embellishers. Your mistake was to continue “beating a dead horse”. You have written a broad and voluminous record as a “SHITBIRD” and it will be on the internet forever!

          Congrats…. VALOR THIEF

  36. Frank visconi says:

    RUN, RUN, RUN you chicken-shit bastard! But you will find nowhere to hide. Now it’s ME and SEVERAL MORE coming for you to shut your big, lying ass mouth. No threats here, just plain and simple reality.

  37. Frank Visconi says:

    Killifer: Made my New Years resolution. I am not going to let anything you say, do or post about me any longer because it is only worthless shit anyway and all it does is make me want to respond which only lights your fire. I admit, it will be difficult to live up to my resolution because you are the asshole of assholes and sometimes I can’t help myself. But I am going to do my best to totally ignore you. So have a shitty life and remember, you are NOT a man of honor and YOU are the disgrace to the title of Marine! Never was and never will be a brother-in-arms to me. My choice, not yours. I don’t care about your choice. I hope your association with you derelict friends on TAH brings you a lousy New Year. Ta Ta!

  38. Frank Visconi says:

    Left out a word: not going to let anything you say, do or post about me
    BOTHER” me any longer. Want to make sure you get it straight.

  39. Little Frankie,

    Your argument that there are thousands whose records are incomplete or contain unearned awards is without merit. Surely mistakes are made but not in the numbers that you claim. You are simply trying to make your argument for unearned awards more believable by making these statements. However, no one (BCNR, USN, USMC, US Federal District Court, and the US Court of Appeals) has seen any evidence that your statements and documents are legitimate. The Court of Appeals stated that your documents did more to damage your claim than to help it.

    Face it Frankie, you’ve been caught, tried, and determined to be a liar, embellisher, and valor thief. Because of your actions you will go down in history as that and nothing else. You are a disgrace and your lies, phony documents, and unearned awards will show this forever on the internet. Anyone who chooses to investigate you will easily find the truth.

    Your inability to accept that just creates more “publicity” for you. Your threats of investigations by DOD and DOJ are laughable. Your alliance with other Stolen Valor Turds and your efforts to attack those who have recognized you for what you are is wasted. You attack and make statements but you fail to back them up with any facts. A sixth grader can see that.

    So I say to you Frances “Rock On” in your fantasy world where you were a Marine Hero; your actions have voided your honorable record and you will forever be known as a valor thief, embellisher, poser, fabricator, and liar.

    I told you when this argument started that I would do all that I could to see that you get the recognition that you so desired. I think that you will agree that I’ve accomplished that mission and that you are now “Famous”. For that recognition you need only to look in the mirror at the man responsible for that.

    So ride on Frankie and continue to prove to all that care to investigate you that you are a fool.

  40. Frank Visconi says:

    Point is Ass wipe, no one but those idiots like you even reads or cares about the worthless shit you and your scumbag pals spew out in you worthless blogs. And YOU, Sammie Killefuck are nothing more than an ASSHOLE who has no life and nothing worthwhile to do with it except harass people. I’m not worried about me. The FACT is that one day it will be YOUR fantasies that will catch up to you and YOU will go down in history as the dipshit, no life mole that you are. YOU epitomize the term LOSER! You are lower than whale shit! Out of all of the idiots out there like you, it’s you and slime bag Mary Schantag that I am going to enjoy seeing go down more than anyone. Lilyea as I hear, is on his death bed anyway. Isn’t that a shame! One less bag of bones left on this earth. This is STAFF SERGEANT Visconi signing off. Stand at ease Corporal!

  41. Well Francine

    You’re living in a dream world …. I was released from active duty in 1971 and Honorably Discharged in 1975. You are not a SSgt and had you tried to award yourself a phony BS and PH while you were in the service you would have been released from active duty as a Private.

    You know Frankie you are “out there where the buses don’t run”.

  42. That paragraph speaks well of your level of education!

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