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Here is the place to voice your opinion about those who would embellish their military record as has Mr. Visconi. I have provided contact information for Mr. Visconi so you have the ability to send your sentiments directly to him as well as comment here.

Mr Visconi does not understand why I have doggedly pursued him as he endeavored to legitimize his lies of being awarded two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star medal w/V, the Presidential Unit Commendation, and the combat action ribbon. One merely needs to consider those 58,000 plus names on the “Vietnam Memorial Wall” who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. In remembrance of them and their gallant service I feel it is incumbent on me as well as all veterans to publically expose those who would falsely claim those honors.  


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  1. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey ASSHOLE! You need to take down the reference to fake promotion. You have been proven wrong! Anyone that listens to you is an ASSHOLE just like you.

    As far as the “wording” in the court motion, the word “beg” is a legal term. You, being the dumb ass that you are wouldn’t understand that. It is common terminology to make a statement such as: “The prosecution or the defense begs the court to….bla bla bla! Wake up you fricking idiot!

  2. says:

    Correction Counselor,

    Your promotion to SSgt has not been proven!

    Your letter to Judge Hollingsworth was not a “Court Motion”.

    1. The case in Hamilton County was dismissed at your request.
    2. The only way for you to reopen the case is to refile your complaint.
    3. The quote below is from the letter that you submitted to Judge Hollingsworth after the case was dismissed at your request.

    “Your Honor, I ask you …. NO, I BEG YOU to do whatever you can to put an end to not only the misery that Mr. Killeffer has put me through for four long years and now continues to do and to put an end to Mr. Killeffer’s arrogance and belief that he can do whatever he pleases WITHOUT RETRIBUTION. ”

    The Judge probably did not even read your letter as the case was already “DISMISSED”. But if the Judge did read it he probably laughed at the submission from a learned counselor with 37 years of law enforcement experience!

  3. Frank Visconi says:

    Well loser, you are incorrect. There is a letter directly from HQ., CMC that confirms my promotion but as always, your sick mind believes it is fake. Go ahead and contact CMC and find out for yourself. What this confirmation does is take away any credence to what you say about any of my documents.

    By the way, I am not 0-10 in lawsuits. I am 0-2. Only two cases filed idiot! The other processes involved (appeals, etc.) are not separate cases. Oh, by the way loser. Have you mentioned to any of your friends how you tried to sue me for Malicious Prosecution and how it blew up in your face?

    “BEG” the court is common law language OFTEN used in court. It comes from a term of respect that litigators had for the officers of the courts (judges). It is not begging in the sense that you believe. If you knew anything about the law you would know that. Not only do you know nothing about the law, but you constantly defy the law. Sooner or later it will all catch up with you, that is unless someone you’ve offended (which I am sure there are many) has caught up with you before hand and broken your stupid looking arrogant face.

    This is not over by a long shot shit-bird! Oh, and where are all of your blog readers? NONE! That’s how interested anyone is in your fabricated bullshit.

  4. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey ball-less wonder! Why don’t you post the letter from the office of the Commandant confirming my promotion? Why don’t you post the copy of my discharge and the “certified” copy of my promotion warrant? I’ll tell you and all your readers why. Because you know that my promotion will be confirmed and then there will be no credence or support for the other statements you make about me that you say are phony. Why don’t you post the polygraph results showing I am telling the truth? Why don’t you post the results of the Document Analysis conducted by a professional Document Analyst and Handwriting Expert? You are one chicken shit piece of dung! As I said….NO BALLS!

  5. says:

    Well Frances,

    Your legacy will be that of a “BLOWFISH”. By simply “Googling” your name your children, grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to see that their Grandfather was a liar, document fabricator, and a valor thief. Your phony documents, BCNR’s decision, the court decisions, photos of you wearing awards you did not earn are all there and will be there for eternity. The internet is forever Frankie and you have written your record for all to see.

    They, as all who have followed you will conclude that you are a disgrace to yourself, your family, the Marine Corps League, and lastly the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.

    Now I invite you to once again file suit against me for Defamation and lets see what the court will decide on that matter. You chose to withdraw your defamation case, but you still seem to argue that I defamed you. Makes no sense to me or anyone else.

    You say I have “No Balls” …. demonstrate to all that you have “Balls” and sue me once again for Defamation.

    • Frank Visconi says:

      I wouldn’t waste my time. You’re not worth it. Besides, there are several others out there that are coming after you and Lilyea and the others. I don’t happen to trust the courts any more than I trust you. No more suits for me. I’m just going to sit back and wait and watch for when you and the likes of you are taken down! Meanwhile, eat shit and die!

      • Frank Visconi says:

        When I say no balls I mean you don’t have the balls to come out and take me on PHYSICALLY! I will fuck you up so bad your own wife won’t recognize you, you slimy piece of dung. You are a COWARD of the lowest caliber!

        • says:

          Well Sparkle Pony,

          You are calling me a coward, ha ha, bring your little hammered down squeeky voiced ass down here and “Fuck Me Up” as you say. My advice would to you would be to bring your toothbrush and pack your lunch cause you will be here awhile.

      • says:

        Well Francine

        I’m waiting to be taken down by your imaginary ninja lawyers…. so far no summons, no arrest, and no interest by authorities in me. You are simply dreaming out loud Frankie.
        You are a poser, blowfish, and valor thief; you voided your membership in the USMC by your actions…. I wonder how a little sqeeky voiced glitter monkey like you ever managed to get through bootcamp?

    • Frank Visconi says:

      He idiot! Did you see my REBUTTAL on GOOGLE. They finally posted it. Now the documents you refuse to post that show you are a liar and a cheat are out front for all to see. YOU, like all your friends on This Ain’t Hell distort everything to make yourselves look like good guys. Everyone, especially veterans, knows you and your kind are just plain PUNKS! Nobody gives a shit what you think or what you have to say. It’s only filth and dishonor that you spew anyway. Why don’t you grow up and do something worthwhile with you miserable life. Go to church and ask God for forgiveness for being you!…..PUNK!

      • says:

        I’ve not found your “Rebuttal” on Google; perhaps you can send me a link to it. But as we all know anything published by you is probably doctored up because after all you are a court proven “BLOWFISH”.

  6. Frank Visconi says:

    Sam Killeffer says:
    April 10, 2014 at 7:23 am
    Not practicing law Frances???? What is this >>>>>>>>>>>>

    THIS, asshole Killeffer, is a website that one can go to for legal advice as I did. When you go to that site, they then ask you for your experience and ask you to post what abilities you have. I happen to have 22 years of Auto Theft and Recovery and Auto Fraud experience on top of my law enforcement experience and my experience testifying as an “expert” witness in court. I simple put up the posting in case there was anyone out there that needed help with stolen auto matters. You are “required” to add in your fee. I saw that everyone else was charging $60-70 per hour. I decided that my service were not worth that much. There is a minimum amount you can request and I requested the lowest. That IS NOT practicing law you idiot! You are as dumb as, NO you are dumber than a rock. By the way asshole, there are a WHOLE BUNCH of guys out there after your head along with Lilyea and the whole bunch of you on This Ain’t Hell. These guys are Bar Member Attorney’s and they are diligently working to put Lilyea and the likes of you and you miserable friends, not only out of business, but in jail. Man I can’t wait. This WILL come to fruition and you’re going to pay the price. That will be the happiest day of my life. So, I’ll end with this….YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL. YOU ARE ALSO A LIAR and a DISGRACE TO THE CORPS! You don’t rate the title of U.S. Marine. Meanwhile….drop dead!

    • says:

      As a law enforcement officer I would imagine your supervisor probably only allowed you one bullet in your shirt pocket.

      Well, as of today it seems no one has retained your services; could that be because in all your legal briefs you never were able to get your case to trial.


      Who are you to question my service; my legacy is what it is and it is documented officially in my service records. My awards are recorded in my Official Military Personnel File and are a matter of history….. YOURS ARE NOT!

      As a proven BLOWFISH what is it that you feel gives you the right to say I don’t rate the title of Marine.

  7. Aaron Spalding says:

    I found his rebuttal page. It’s on page 4 plopping after white pages and links. From the lack of traffic it doesn’t look like anyone cares what he has to say anymore.

  8. says:


    He won’t let anyone leave a comment.

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