Visconi v United States

Eagle Scout??

Liar, Poser, Embellisher, Blowfish

<<<< What a fine Eagle Scout he turned out to be!Eagle Scout Medal

Visconi v United States Case #: 3:12-cv-1012

In this case the government obtained a copy of Mr. Visconi’s entire Official Military Personel File (OMPF) which included his medical records as well as all of the correspondence from Visconi to the government and correspondence from the government to Visconi. The evidence in that file proved that Visconi was a liar.

In January of 2006 Visconi wrote the Marine Corps Awards Branch (MMMA) inquiring about his Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medals. He related that he was told that he would be recommended for both honors but that he did not know what happened to those recommendations and he had not received the awards (lie #1).

Then in 2008 he wrote the Secretary of the Navy and the Bureau of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) requesting that his records be updated to include the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. In that letter he included copies of his phony citations for awards he had not received in 2006 which he claims were presented to him in May of 1969. Now if he received those citations in 1969 why did he relate to MMMA that he never new what happened to those recommendations (lie #2)?

Mr. Visconi’s last two submissions to the appeals court included a letter where he is actually claiming two Purple Hearts.

Supplementary Pleading 3/14/2014 Includes letter claiming 2 Purple Hearts

Supplementary Pleading 3/17/2014

Mr. Visconi is a very prolific liar; the evidence he provides as proof positive that he received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star w/V is nothing but lies, fabricated documents, unsigned letters, exaggerated statements, and a multitude of Spam!







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